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DFYF-172 Automated engine coolant freezing point tester


Products Overviews:
Automated engine coolant freezing point tester is based on the national petrochemical industry standard SH / T0090 "engine coolant freezing point determination method" test method to design and manufacture. This instrument is suitable for measuring the freezing point of the engine coolant and its concentrate.
Technical Parameters:
Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Heating power: 600W
Cooling power: 800W
Stirring motor: AC220V / 10W
Cold bath temperature: -70 ~ 20 ℃
Display accuracy: 0.1 ℃
Mechanical up and down reciprocating mixing
Dewar alcohol bath is used in the bath
Full-color 7-inch color touch screen, human-computer interaction, full Chinese operating system, embedded intelligent control
The screen can display the temperature curve of the sample, the temperature of the sample and the bath.
The user can set the expected freezing point in real time, modify the instrument time, the various parts of the self-test system
Test results can be stored, the user can view the historical data.
Full SECOP compressor imported dual-machine cooling technology, the lowest bath temperature can reach -80 ℃, cover all the engine coolant freezing point.




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