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DFYF-108Z Automated Petroleum Products Kinematic Viscometer


Detailed discriptions:
Automated Petroleum products Kinematic Viscometer complies with GB265 / T and GB / T1632-93 requirements.It is widely used in pharmacopoeia, petroleum, chemical industry , scientific research and Measurement and other departments. It is the testing equipment of kinematic viscosity, viscosity number and intrinsic viscosity number of oil and polymer dilute solution.
Technical Parameters:
Controller with high-speed CPU; ± 18bit multiple integration high-speed high-precision AD; hardware circuit design unique, patch technology; input and output interface board with non-contact solid state relays, and controller integrated design; machine without adjustable potentiometer, With high reliability and high measurement accuracy.
The display adopts original imported 5.0 inch 480 × 272 pixel true color TFT LCD, graphic display is fine with no sawtooth, bright colors, high resolution display; plastic injection molding integrated frame beautiful appearance; the entire Chinese user interface, Display intuitive. At the same time, with the rights management function, effectively avoid non-professionals on the key parameters of the analyzer settings.
Using human touch-sensitive buttons, no mechanical contacts, prevents dust and water, anti-RF interference, long service life.
using± 5ppm high-precision clock, built-in battery to ensure that external power-down data to save 5 to 8 years.
Using imported PT100 sensor, temperature measurement fast and accurate.
using embedded thermal printer, the print is more quiet, fast, clear.
The whole machine has strong anti-interference ability.
Unique photoelectric detection circuit, detection fast and accurate, completely avoids false detection and missed.
Two types of samples can be measured simultaneously asynchronously.
Users can choose the refrigeration equipment, low temperature viscosity determination.
Ubbelohde viscometer, counter-current viscometer (specifications selected by the user).
Users can set parameters according to the actual situation, which can quickly calculate the measurement results and errors, if the measured results is poor, the analyzer will automatically re-determinate until satisfacting the error requirements.
Using embedded thermal printer, the print is more quiet, fast, clear.
Working power: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
Range: room temperature ~ 120 ℃;
Repeatability: ≤ 0.01S reproducibility: ≤ 0.02S
Resolution: 0.01 ℃ Accuracy: 0.5%
The basic parameters: Heating rate:compling with GB265 / T standards;




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