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DFYF-102Ⅲ Existent gum tester


Products overviews:
Existent gum tester is designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB / T8019 "Automobile Gasoline and Aviation Fuel Existent Gum determination ". It is suitable for the determination of gasoline, aviation gasoline and volatile fractions and aviation turbine fuel Existent gum at the time of the test. It can also be used to determine the vehicle gasoline not washed gum content.
Technical Parameters:
Using metal bath heating system, heating speed, bath temperature uniformity.
Structure: three holes
Using high-quality air compressor, gas supply stable, in line with GB / T 8019 standard requirements.
Unique precision inner pipe structure, the average distribution of 3 air, control total air flow, eliminating the need to adjust the trouble of a few road gas
Supply power: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 3.5kW.
Evaporative bath type, size: aluminum bath block φ260 × 130mm.
Test hole size: φ51 × 70mm.
Working temperature: 160 ~ 165 ℃.
Temperature control method: automatic temperature control.
Temperature display: large size LCD touch screen display, human-computer interaction, precision embedded system control.
Flow Display: Displayed by float air flow meter.
Air pressure reducing valve working pressure: 0.07MPa.
Air nozzle outlet air flow rate: 600mL / sec per hole.
Overall dimensions: 590 × 480 × 340mm.
Temperature range: room temperature ~ 300 ℃ within the arbitrary set
Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃




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