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DFYF-3000S Ultraviolet fluorescence sulfur-in-oil analyzer


Products Overviews:
Standard Test Method for Total Sulfur Content of Light Hydrocarbons and Engine Fuels and Other Oils (Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method) SH / T 0689, ASTM D5453. The instrument can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, coal, food, environmental protection and other fields, is the more advanced means of sulfur analysis at home and abroad.
Technical Parameters:
Sample types: liquid, solid and gas (with the corresponding injector)
USB port for data acquisition and transmission. Data acquisition card for the original import, detection limit of 1uv.
The key components of the instrument are: imported components.
The operation interface of the instrument is infinite extension, without interruption, the data can be searched infinitely. It can be any time to call the spectrum.
High voltage range: DC500V ~ 700V, according to the measured concentration level, through the operating system to set the desired value, the default value is about 550V.
Determination method: ultraviolet fluorescence method (S)
Measuring range: 0.2 mg / L ~ 5000 mg / L ~ percentage content
Detection limit: 0.2mg / L (S)
Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 1100 ℃ Temperature accuracy: 0.5% ± 3 ℃
Repeatability error: ① 0.2mg / L ≤ sample concentration <1.0, ≤ ± 0.1mg / L;
                              ② 1.0mg / L ≤ sample concentration <100mg / L, Cv ≤ 10%;
                              ③ 100mg / L ≤ sample concentration ≤ 10000mg / L, Cv ≤ 5%.
Gas requirements: argon: 99.98% or more    oxygen: 99.98% or more
Supply power: AC220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 0.5Hz    Power: ≤ 2KW
External dimensions: 680 × 480 × 400 (mm)




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