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DFYF-174Z Microcomputer automated acid number tester


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Microcomputer automated acid number tester refers to GB / T7304 petroleum products and lubricants acid number determination (potentiometric titration), GB / T18609 Determination of crude oil acid number (potentiometric titration) and other standard to design.
Microcomputer automated acid number tester is composed of host computer (hardware circuit and transmission machine), import titration device and computer. With the support of application software, the host computer can realize automatic titration and automatic rehydration to realize the automatic determination of acid number in petroleum products. The key parts of the instrument adopts imported devices, the whole structure is simple, beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, accurate analysis .It is an ideal intelligent instrument of the petrochemical laboratories, oil analysis room and scientific research departments of the university.
Technical Parameters:
Windows operating system, the use of man-machine dialogue operation, the steps are clear, simple, easy to operate.
Titration device is part of the original import exchange unit (Metrohm), stable and reliable performance, transmission noise is very low.
Automatic cleaning, automatic rehydration, plus value fluid, mechanical and electrical organic together.
Multi-parameter setting and correction, making different types of sample analysis easier, faster, shorter analysis time, the results more accurate.
Automatic endpoint determination, no indicator, titration results and data automatically stored, automatic printing, and can provide complete titration data for analysis and research.
Double high-impedance input, the electrode potential is more stable and reliable.
Potential measurement range: (0 ~ ± 1999.5) mV;
Basic error of electronic unit: 0.1% of full reading ± 0.5mV;
Input impedance: Ri ≥ 1 × 1012Ω;
Burette volume: 10ml;
Burette accuracy: ± 0.1% (F · S);
Burette drip time: (60 ± 20) seconds (F · S);
Thiol sulfur content determination range: 3 ~ 100μg / g (PPm)




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