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DFYF-193 Automated Cold-cranking Simulator (CCS)


Detailed descriptions:
The instrument complies with GB/T6538、ASTM D5293 and other technical specifications, suitable for measuring low temperature dynamic engine oil viscosity index。The automated CCS is a cold-cranking simulator for measuring apparent viscosity of engine oils from –35 °C to –5 °C,the interval is below 5 °C. With the measurement accuracy, good repeatability, stable performance, simple operation and so on.
8-inch TFT color LCD display, screen resolution: 720x600.
Operation interface language: selectable setting (Chinese and English).
Touch screen, touch the button operation, convenient and quick.
Automated detection of speed, control current, reduce manual error
Imported compressor, cascade refrigeration,  big cold capacity.
Imported motor drive, high precision。
Equipped with micro-printer, end of the test can print the results.
Automatically calculate the result after calibration with standard oil.
Using embedded operating system, stable and reliable.
Improved rotor, low torque test status, high repeatability.
End of the test automatic shutdown ,and heating, in order to facilitate rapid cleaning.
The instrument automatically recommends the cooling temperature.
The rotary encoder detects the speed.
Edit, store all the standard oil parameter values.
Store 100 sets of historical data, easy to query; fault self-test.
Temperature range: room temperature ~ -60 ℃.
Cold bath temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃.
Stator temperature control accuracy: ± 0.02 ℃.
Viscosity measurement range: 1500 ~ 27000 mPa.s.
Use of the environment: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Ambient humidity: <85%
Power: <2.5KW
Power supply: AC 220V ± 20%
Repeatability: meet the requirements of ASTM D 5293, not more than 2.6%
Reproducibility: meet the requirements of ASTM D 5293, not more than 7.3%
Standard Viscosity Oil: A set of 10 standard viscosities with traceability certificates. (The following standard oil CL100 CL120,CL140, CL160, CL190, CL220, CL250×2 , CL280, CL320, CL380, CL480, CL600,CL740,CL080)is selected randomly according to the equipment calibration.




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