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DFYF-192 Engine oil boundary pumping temperature tester


Detailed descriptions:
Engine oil boundary pumping temperature tester is based on GB / T 9171 and SH / T0562 test method to design, manufacture. Suitable for the engine oil yield stress and apparent viscosity, the instrument uses automatic temperature control equipment, allowing users quickly and easily to use the instrument for analysis. At the same time using the latest intelligent control system to enhance the stability and reliability of the instrument, so that accurate temperature control more accurate, higher accuracy, in a leading position in the country.

Technical Parameters:

Temperature range from-5℃ ~ -40 ℃, Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃.
Imported durable compressor refrigeration.
Built-in precision circuit monitors temperature, cycle and rotor motion.
The test running can begin immediately without  pre-cooling.
The instrument complies with ASTM D3829, D4684, D6896, D6821, SAE J300, GB9171, SH / T0562 standard.
Improved pulley assembly, enhanced pulley stability and sensitivity.
Built-in precision control procedure , integrated design, saving space.
Allows the tester, according to different oil specifications, free design of a specific cooling curve, the function is the only oil on the market can provide the necessary tools for low-temperature performance.
Standard Viscosity Oil: One set of standard oil with traceability certificate, 100mL / bottle (N105B).
Improved alloy rotor, light weight, cone tip is not easy to damage, not easy to deformation, easy to clean.
Improved rotor ragging, to prevent frost, improve the experimental accuracy.
Increase the nitrogen purging function, improve the yield stress and apparent viscosity of the test accuracy.
Automated controlling procedure controls temperature, no staff supervision,  After estimated time, can run long-term test for 48-53 hours directly with D4684 method .




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