Petroleum product analysis instrument
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Calorimeter for petroleum products



The calorimeter for petroleum products is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GB / T213 method for determination of calorific value of coal and GB / t384 method for determination of calorific value of petroleum products.

Technical parameters:

The structure is simple, the performance is reliable and the anti-interference ability is strong.
It can automatically add water, drain water, stir, ignite, collect temperature, calculate, correct, print and test. It can avoid human error and greatly improve accuracy and precision.
The automatic cooling and correction of the experiment can meet the loose requirements of the ambient temperature, improve the accuracy of the experiment and ensure the stability of the instrument for a long time.
After the experiment, the high and low calorific value can be converted and printed, which is more in line with the general routine experiment.
All Chinese display, easy to operate.
The heat capacity is about 10500j / K
L capacity 300ml
L oxygen filling pressure 2.8 ~ 3.0MPa
L pressure performance water pressure 20MPa
L jacket water tank capacity 51l
The water capacity of inner cylinder is about 2.1l
L display range 0.000 ~ 40.000 ℃
L response time < 4S
L resolution 0.001 ℃
The linear energy is less than 0.08% within the temperature rise range of 5 ℃
The temperature measurement error is ± 0.003 ℃ within the temperature rise range of 5 ℃
L ignition time 5S




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